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ACS Products:

ACS Motion Controllers

Since 1985 ACS Motion Control has developed and manufactured advanced multi-axis motion controllers and integrated control modules. Our main focus has been providing ease of use while maintaining the power and flexibility required by a broad range of machine automation applications. Our products are used in packaging, printing, robotics, linear stage control, semiconductor manufacturing and testing, electronic assembly and testing, medical imaging and advanced digital printing industries. 

PC Based Controllers

SPiiPlusSC Soft Controller

The SPiiPlusSC PC-based machine and motion control software provides demanding machinery with the highest performance possible at the most affordable price, leveraging on the processing power of modern PC technology and on the connectivity of a real-time open industrial...Read More

Standalone Controller


ACS’ SPiiPlusNTM is a state of the art EtherCAT network-based, multi-axis machine and motion line of controllers. It is specifically designed to extend the capabilities of the SPiiPlus line of controllers, to address the needs of modern machinery for an economical high...Read More

Control Modules

MC4Unt with 2 to 8 drives, wide power range

The SPiiPlusNT (NT - Network Controller) is designed for incorporation in the MC4U. Once plugged into an MC4U, the MC4U becomes also...Read More

SpiiPlusCMhp/ba with 1 to 3 drives, 85-265V, up to 15/30A

The SPiiPlusCMHP/BA is a state of the art series of EtherCAT motion controllers with three built-in universal drives. It addresses the needs of modernmachinery for both economical and for high performance, scalable and distributed control for motion centric applications...Read More

SpiiPlusCMnt with 1, 2 drives, 85-265V, up to 7.5/15A

The SPiiPlusCMNT is a state of the art line of EtherCAT network multi-axis machine and motion controllers with two built-in universal drives.It is specifically designed to extend the capabilities of the SPiiPlus line of control modules to address the needs of modern mac...Read More


PDMnt 4 Axis Pulse/Direction Drive Interface

The PDMNT provides the ability to add up to four step motor and servo motor drives with Pulse/Dir interface to an EtherCAT network using any of ACS’ EtherCAT masters...Read More

UDI hp/lt 4-axis +/-10V drive interface

The UDI (UDI - Universal Drive Interface) is a compact EtherCAT module that controls up to 4 motor drives with industry standard ±10V interface...Read More


IOMnt EtherCAT Digital I/O Module

  • Powerful Digital I/O Modules For EtherCAT Network
  • Up to 32 Inputs and 32 Outputs
  • Compact and Cost effective

The IOMNT line of EtherCAT digital I/O modules offer an economical and compact design with up to 32 inputs and 32 outputs (24Vdc/0.5A each) with minimal power dissipation. There are four 20-pin connectors, one per 16 channels. It enables secure connection of plug connectors using insulation displacement contact, such as ribbon cables, thus significantly simplifying the wiring of many I/Os. 64 LEDs display the logical states of the inputs and outputs...Read More







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